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~*~A place for the dreamers~*~

beautifuldreams is where all the dreamers of livejournal go to share their dreams with each other.

With nearly 300 members you are sure to find whatever it is you are searching for.

Discuss anything dream or sleep related, share your dreams or find their meaning.

Everybody is friendly and open there so please take a look. You are welcome.

My other community is ljgames_au if you would like to take a look
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Why not try something a little different for once?

Do something exciting and make new friends along the way!

This is not your ordinary community...It is so much more!

This is an online reality game.  It is played just like all those reality shows that grace our television screens but in this game it is you who gets all the guts and glory.  It is YOU who could leave the winner.  Do you think you have what it takes to win?  Give it a shot.

  • Participate in 'face-offs' to win immunity

  • Work as a team

  • Vote players off one by one

  • Be a winner

  • Be a achiever

Read more onljgames_au   Places are filling up quickly so get in while you still can, you won't regret it.

Note: You do not have to be Australian to play the game.  It is only based in Australia



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Are you looking for a place to get some advice about relationships?
depression? school? family problems? or about almost any other issue?

Looking for a place to find support?
Find others in a similar position? to vent? to gain another opinion about your problem? To see your issue from a new angle or point of view?

Wishing you could help others?
Be supportive? Give advice? Do so anonymously? Share your experiences and words of wisdom? Let others know they aren't alone?

If you said yes, than Advice_Source may be for you!Collapse )

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Come join the INNER BEAUTY rating community deeperbeauty!!!

~~Over 50 Members!
~~Active Community!
~~People applying daily!
~~Nice Mods!
~~New Themes Weekly!
~~Weekly Contests!
~~Treasure Hunts!
~~Friendly, Helpful Members!
~~Bi-Weekly Discussions!
~~Easy Application!
~~Voted on INNER BEAUTY!
~~No Pictures Needed!
~~Easy-Going Rating Community!
Come Join deeperbeauty for a GREAT new family that will love you like a sibling!

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