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Hello, and welcome to Addicts of LJ! This community is about people who love LJ and spend a lot of time on it! In this community you can make new friends, post icons you made or post anything you made or just plain anything about LJ or even what's going on in your life and need advice. This is a community for the livejournal addicts like you to unite and talk and have fun! So, please enjoy this commutiy!

Owner: Amber

Co-Owner: Theresa

Mod: Beth

* Do not come in here just to start drama with someone. I'm pretty sure that there is a community for that, but this isn't one of those.
* Contact either Amber or Theresa, or Beth if you're having problems or have a question with the community and we will try to get to it as quickly as we can.
* And lastly--- Have fun! :]